“Essência do Minho” chega a Santiago de Compostela para promover o destino português aos galegos

‘Essência do Minho’ arrives to Santiago de Compostela to promote the Portuguese destination among Galician citizens


The aim of the campaign is to enhance the identity of this attractive tourist destination in the North of Portugal. Tomorrow, May 4, there will be a food and wine event for guests, with chef António Loureiro (Restaurante A Cozinha) and Galician chef Lucía Freitas (A Tafona), and next May 7 there will be a concert by Daniel Pereira Cristo and Xabier Díaz at Capitol Room


“Essência do Minho” chega a Santiago de Compostela para promover o destino português aos galegos

The Consórcio Minho Inovação, made up of the intermunicipal communities of Alto Minho, Cávado and Ave, disembarks in Santiago de Compostela this week with the “Essência do Minho”, a campaign to publicize the tourism potential of the region among Galician citizens.

After passing through Lisbon and Porto, “Amar o Minho” arrives to Santiago to promote the great cultural, historical and gastronomic wealth, in which nature also invades everything.

The “Essência do Minho” campaign is based on two main actions. On the one hand, a concert aimed at the entire population, for all ages, which will take place on May 7 in the Capitol Hall from 7:00 p.m. local time. Tickets are available at www.woutick.es.

Conducted by Bracar musician Daniel Pereira Cristo, the concert promises a journey through traditional music “Do Minho à Galiza – da raiz ao fado”, with special guests such as the singer-songwriter Xabier Díaz and the polyphonic group Cantadeiras do Vale do Neiva. It will be a fusion of voices and sounds of Minho-Galaic influence, with artists committed to the land and its originis.

Before this concert, the Praza do Obradoiro, in front of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, will host a short performance by the Cantadeiras do Vale do Neiva and the Jogo do Pau de Bucos Group, a candidate for Unesco Intangible Heritage.

On the other hand, for the professional public there will be a food and wine tasting by two renowned representatives of Portuguese and Galician cuisine: António Loureiro, from the restaurant A Cozinha in Guimarães and Lucía Freitas from A Tafona in Santiago de Compostela.

In this meeting, the chefs will prepare a four-course menu, harmonized with some of the best wines of the Minho region, to highlight the rich gastronomic heritage of both territories. Through products from the garden and the sea, this tasting will be a fusion of flavors from both regions, highlighting the identity of each culture and also their similarities.