The Portuguese Public Contracts Code (Código dos Contratos Públicos, hereinafter abbreviated as CCP), approved by the Decreto-Lei n.º 18/2008, of 29 January, in force since 30 June 2008, establishes the discipline imposed on Public Contracting and, in turn, applicable to the formation of public contracts concluded by contracting entities, specifically the EGTC Rio Minho.

The communications, exchanges and files of data and information provided for by the CCP are processed through electronic platforms that comply with the principles and rules defined in the Decreto-Lei n.º 143A/2008, of 25 July, and the Portaria 701-G/2008, of 29 July, and other applicable legislation.

However, in the case of prior consultation and direct agreement procedures, the possibility of not using the aforementioned platforms is foreseen, provided that electronic means are used. An exception to this regime can be found in article 11 of the CCP.

The conclusion of any contracts following a Direct Agreement is publicized by the EGTC Rio Minho on the BASE portal, which contains detailed information on all contracts concluded under the aforementioned diploma.

In short, the CCP provides that public procurement must be completely dematerialized. Thus, from the moment the will to contract arises until the contract is concluded, contracting authorities must use fully electronic means. In this framework, contracting is supported by a set of entities and environments, which assume different functions, whose links are available:

BASE – The purpose of the portal is to centralize the most important information regarding all pre-contractual procedures, which, according to the CCP, are obligatorily dematerialized. The portal configures a virtual space where elements referring to the formation and execution of public contracts are publicized, thus allowing their follow-up and monitoring.