Eurocities play a crucial role in the cohesion of the Cross-Border Rio Minho territory. This model of city council-municipal cooperation along the Rio Minho is fundamental for the promotion of a network of cross-border governance with the objective of identifying, promoting, coordinating and supporting cross-border cooperation activities in the territory, being the pillars of cross-border socio-cultural relations of proximity.

There are three Eurocities in the Cross-Border Rio Minho Territory

Cerveira – Tomiño

Tui – Valença

Monção – Saltaverra

Together, united as Eurocity, they have a territorial extension of 215.07 km2, creating a strong space for economic, commercial and human relations where approximately 23,000 inhabitants reside.

The Tui-Valença Eurocity has a total area of 185.42 km2, distributed among 23 parishes (12 in Tui and 11 in Valença), where 31,023 inhabitants live.

The Eurocity territory has a total area of 273 km2 and around 28,800 inhabitants, corresponding to a population density of approximately 105.5 inhabitants/km2.