Project framework document

Against this backdrop, there is a clear need for actors in European border regions to identify mechanisms that encourage and facilitate greater cross-border institutional co-operation across and among all levels of government, as well as with civil society, while ensuring sustainable funding for cross-border management and investment. Improved co-operation could reduce the complexities associated with cross-border interaction, support the identification, design and implementation of mutually beneficial cross-border development projects, and improve the integration of economic activities and public services within a single, cross-border “functional area.” In support of this, the OECD project “Building More Resilient Cross-Border Regions: Multi-level Governance and Co-developed Strategic Regional Development” was launched in January 2023, with the financial support of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy (DG REGIO). The project runs for 15 months and helps cross-border regions build resilience and enhance citizen well-being. It looks at how multi-level governance arrangements, along with the co-development of strategies and public services, can be enhanced to help cross-border regions achieve common development objectives more effectively.