Capacity-Building Action

The Capacity-Building Action assumes, in its genesis, the need felt by a growing number of agents (and particularly public agents), to think differently and to find new solutions to the urban challenges that the cross-border territory of the Minho/Miño River faces on a daily basis. This requires the development and mobilization of a set of mental models, attitudes, skills and specific practices, which translate into the following set of principles adopted in the capacity-building process under development:

  • be a collaborative and open process, since it is considered that this type of capacity-building processes are enriched by the different perspectives, experiences and resources provided by a diverse group of participants, relevant conditions to stimulate and enhance the cross-fertilization of ideas and thus generate better and more innovative solutions, especially in a cross-border context;
  • have an iterative nature, considering that recent agile strategic planning models such as the one we now intend to implement are based on the development of ideas and practices where solutions are continually revisited, adapted and refined around a set of feedback cycles, therefore, the dynamics that best fit and respond to the realities to be addressed during the capacity-building will be privileged;
  • and be based on learning among peers, assuming that the participants involved in the capacity-building have unique knowledge, experiences and skills, which should be shared, so it is assumed the creation of spaces, moments and dynamics where this sharing can take place and can generate greater creativity and efficiency in the results to be obtained.