The EGTC Rio Minho participated this morning in the Interreg Annual Meeting 2023 in Santiago de Compostela


The director, Roberto Carrero, participated in a workshop on how to solve obstacles in cross-border regions


Today began the Interreg Annual Meeting 2023 in Santiago de Compostela, where the director of the EGTC Rio Minho, Roberto Carrero, participated in the workshop: “Working on cross-border obstacles: focal point, solutions, tools”, where the impact of cross-border obstacles on the lives of people living in cross-border European regions (e.g. the cross-border labor market, education, mobility, access to services or health).

The EGTC Rio Minho presented the case “Minho River Nature 2000”, supported in the scope of B-solutions, an initiative of the European Commission, giving an account of the necessary steps to improve the cross-border governance of the Rio Minho.

Still within the scope of this event, four other workshops were held on ecological transition and energy communities, the potential of Interreg Program, the decarbonization of transport and how to achieve better cooperation governance.