Culture and Heritage beyond borders, a key theme for the EGTC Rio Minho at the II Meeting of Iberian EGTC 2023

The EGTC Rio Minho participated in the II Meeting of European Territorial Cooperation Groups of the Iberian Peninsula 2023, in Vigo, which ended yesterday with two days of presentations, talks about cooperation and sharing ideas.

The meeting, organized by the EGTC Galicia – North of Portugal, was attended by almost 30 entities and the Iberian cross-border EGTCs. There, the Interreg programs and the basic cohesion instruments were presented, putting together different ideas. The future also had a place with a conference on innovation to face common challenges.

Finally, the EGTC Rio Minho presented its proposal in the cultural element of the territory, with a presentation focused on culture and cultural heritage beyond borders. The key point, always, is to build bridges and not walls.

Nevertheless, the EGTC Rio Minho participated in this second edition od the congress together with other institutions and groups of territorial cooperation such as the Commission for Coordination and Regional Development of the North (CCDR-N), the Directorate General of Regional Policy (DG REGIO), Xunta de Galicia, Deputation of Pontevedra, the Minho River Eurocities, the Aquitania/Euskadi/Navarra Euroregion, the Chaves-Verín Eurocity, the Duero-Douro EGTC, and the Mediterranean Pyrenees Euroregion, among others.